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How do you measure scope of a project?
How long do projects take?

The design and development of the web strategy is accomplished and can take as little as two weeks for small projects, though can also take 2-3, 4-6 months, or even a year if it’s large. It all depends.

Depending on your priorities and whether the timeline itself is of high or low importance, we will set the tone at the onset of our engagement in terms of when final deliverables will be provided or rolled out.

When do you collect payment?

Initial audits, discoveries, or reports are paid in full prior to the research and investigation takes place. Consider it like a “retainer” for our relationship, and it covers the cost and value of the Informed SEO & Web Strategy Report.

Once the design and development step is reached, payments are made typically ½ upfront and ½ at the final deliverable handoff. Though there can sometimes be a middle payment depending on the scope or a monthly subscription if there are a number of hours secured in a timeline.

Ongoing support is achieved via Subscription model which is billed the 1st of the month. One month of free support is provided in Technical SEO and Website Maintenance support to ensure you are satisfied with the product.

Do you hire subcontractors?
How much do projects start at?